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Submitted on: May 1, 2019

On May 3rd Sis. Edwina Morris received the Robert D. Spencer Volunteer Award for superb service as a Team Advocate Volunteer with Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc.

Bro. Ernest Stroman received Neighborhood Volunteer of the Year Award (Eva P. Trezevant Neighborhood) at the Council of Neighborhoods Awards Banquet April 24, 2019.

Family & Friends 2019 Day Winners

  • The Utsey Family - largest number of family & friends in attendance-27
  • Sis. Deloris Stokes- family & friends traveled the farthest-Missouri
  • Bro. Ivry Moon, Jr.-family & friends contributed largest financial donation-$2000
  • Bro. Timothy Hartgrove-family and friends had youngest in attendance-8 mmonths old Matthew Pagan 

Sis. Alaysia Maloney elected 5th Grade Student Body President at Burton Pack Elementary. 

Bro. Jason Slack elected 2018-19 8th Grade President at Hand Middle School

Pastor Noble elected President of Board of Directors of Richland Library

Following ushers elected to leadership in Capital City Ushers Union-Edna Faust (president), Reatha Scott (vice-president), Phyllis Anderson (finance committee), Adolph Scott (asst. marshal).

Pastor Noble appointed to the Executive Board of the Baptist E&M Convention of South Carolina. 

Scholarship Recipient Congratulations: Sis Machayla McCullough received a scholarship from the Columbia Christian Health Care Auxiliary.

Family & Friends Day Winners:

  • Trus. Frank McBride - largest number of family & friends in attendance
  • Bro. Ron Stokes- family & friends traveled the farthest-Kansas City, MS
  • Bro. Ernest Stroman-family & friends contributed largest financial donation-$470
  • Sis. Brenda Branic-family and friends had youngest in attendance-6 months of old

Sis. Annastacia Hammond and her WJ Keenan teammates won the Class AA Girls Championship.


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Submitted on: May 1, 2019

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