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Submitted on: October 17, 2019

*Pulpit Flowers in honor of 50th Wedding Anniversary of Bro. Matthew & Sis. Cynatha Canzater.

*Children’s Church has been suspended for October.

*Nazareth family supporting our Breast Cancer Survivors October 20; members asked to wear pink. 

*October 20 is last Sunday to bring items for the Hurricane Relief; direct questions to Dea. Therin McCants.

*New Members Training session began October 13; direct questions to Dea. William Bowman (765-1136).

*Women’s Ministry planning meeting October 28, 6:00p, in Bowman Auditorium, to outline 2020 ministry dates and initiatives; direct questions to Sis. Florist Bowman.

*Each brethren asked to pay $25.00 before November meeting of Citywide Brotherhood towards tasking of $500 for each of the member churches; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.

*Second Nazareth hosts 152nd Annual Session of Gethsemane Baptist Association October 20-24; schedule and  class information on  church website; dinner served Tuesday-Thursday; 4:45p-5:50p.

*Casual Sunday October 27; keep it churchy.

*2020 Calendar dates due to Edna Faust by November 10 via email/hard copy; be sure to use 2020 Calendar when submitting dates.

*In preparation for 2020 Budget the Stewardship Ministry is asking ministries to begin considering their 2020 budget requests; budget packets with proper forms, etc., will be distributed to Ministry Leaders in the next few weeks.

*Veterans Observance November 10; church members who are veterans/active military asked to submit name and branch of service (hard copy/email) to Edna Faust by October 27; if you have previously submitted you do not need to re-submit.

*Acknowledgements: Sis. Eva Brown thanks Pastor Noble and Nazareth Family for prayers, calls, cards, etc. in the passing of her sister; Senior Ushers thank members that supported the Capital City Ushers Union with special appreciation to Rev. Leon Johnson, the Frazier Family, Sis. Princess Cooper and Sis. Anna Davis.

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Submitted on: May 1, 2019

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Submitted on: October 17, 2019

Youth Report for 2nd (nine weeks)
Submitted on: March 1, 2019
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