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Submitted on: August 22, 2019

*Condolences: Dea. Thomas James in the passing of his brother-in-law, Bro. Clint Telford (Atlanta, GA); Sis. Shannon Frazier and family in the passing of her mother, Sis. Sharwon Frazier.

*August 25 Pulpit Flowers in honor of 40th Wedding Anniversary of Bro. John and Debra Scott.

*Children’s Church resumed August 11.

*All brothers are asked to donate $25 before November meeting of Citywide Brotherhood to go towards $500 each church is asked to contribute for annual Harvest Hope Food Bank project; see Bro. Moon for additional information.

*Midweek Worship: August 28, 6:30p.

*Silver Saints Bible Study resumes September 4.

*Leadership training (to include Bible Study) for NAZ 2.0 begins September 4, 6:30p, in Henry Street sanctuary; additional information forthcoming.

*Church Calendar Revisions: Prisma Flu Initiative 10/19, Evangelism Fall Festival 10/19.

*Save the Date: Revival September 24-26, 6:30p nightly; Pastor Robert E. Houston, Mercy Seat Baptist Church (St. Louis, MO), is scheduled Revivalist.

*Acknowledgements: Sis. Shannon Frazier and family thank Pastor Noble, Deacons Ministry and the Nazareth family for prayers, support and care extended during her mother’s illness and passing; Edgewood Foundation appreciates overwhelming support with school supplies and attendance at Unity in the Community Day (during the event over 750 bags of school supplies were distributed).    

*Second Nazareth, in partnership with Trinity Baptist Church, hosting a symposium on the African-American Worship Experience September 7, 9:00 AM; direct questions to Rev. Outlaw.

*Second Nazareth will host a NACA Homebuyers Workshop September 7, 10a-2:00p, former Elmwood Sanctuary; call 1-888-302-6222 to reserve a seat.

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Youth Report for 2nd (nine weeks)
Submitted on: March 1, 2019
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