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Submitted on: September 13, 2019

*Condolences: Dea. Henry Geathers and family in the passing of his cousin, Sis. Rosalie Duren (Philadelphia, PA).
*Silver Saints Bible Study resumed September 11, 10:00a, in Henry Street Sanctuary.
*Leadership training (to include Bible Study) for NAZ 2.0 began September 11, 6:30p, in Henry Street sanctuary.
*Citywide Brotherhood Union meeting September 17, 6:00p, Zion Baptist Church (801 Washington St); dinner will be served; all men asked to attend; direct questions to Bro. Moon.
*We are asking each brethren to pay $25.00 before our November meeting towards our tasking of $500 for each of the Citywide Brotherhood churches.
*Revival-see Home screen.
*Casual Sunday September 22, “keep it churchy”.
*Sis. Yolanda Mitchell is asking Health Ministry to meet down front after worship services September 22; new members are welcome.
*YWA will host its No Walls Ministry September 28 @ 9:00a; Min. Jeffrey Amos is scheduled to deliver message; direct questions to Sis. Andrena Washington.
*New Members Training session begins October 13, 8:45a, in the Bowman Auditorium; members who have not attended the training session and wish to do so are welcome; direct questions to Dea. William Bowman (765-1136).
*Second Nazareth and Prisma Health have partnered to provide a free community health day on Saturday, October 19 (10:00a-1:00p). Registered nurses also will be on hand to administer free flu shots to the community. Yearly flu vaccination is the best tool currently available to protect against the flu!
*Acknowledgements: Sis. Mary Singletary thanks Second Nazareth for prayers, kindness shared during her hospitalization; Sis. Georgianna thanks Second Nazareth for condolences expressed in the passing of her sister; Sis. Trina Morris thanks her church family for prayers for her sister and niece; Pastor Edward Cooks and Old Hope Station Baptist Church thank Pastor Noble and Second Nazareth for a “grand time” in their Revival Services.

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